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The Road MAP! - Things to Keep in mind while producing the film.


  2. Duration: Maximum 10 Minutes and Minimum 5 minutes including credits and titles

  3. Video resolutions: Minimum 720p ie. The minimum base width should be 1280 pixels

  4. Video Format: Preferred Format .MP4 (other commonly used formats may also be accepted,.avi,.wmv etc)*

  5. Language: preferred language will be Konkani, Hindi, English and Marathi (any other regional language may also be accepted with English subtitles)

  6. A separate video describing the film (less than 60 sec) with at least one onscreen actor/member should also be made.

*subject to compatibility with our Broadcast partner, YouTube, and other social media sites

Be Careful and Responsible! - below can lead to disqualification.

  1. Abusive and violent content intended to harass, disgust, and misguide viewers or any religious and political community will not be allowed

  2. Vulgarity in audio as well as video to be avoided, however, if it is an important element in line with the theme or topic, then such audios to be covered with beep sound and visuals to be blurred.

  3. Any kind of brand promotion or advertisements will not be allowed in the film.

  4. The content in your film should not attract any kind of copyright issues (or any other liability under intellectual property act), if you include any copyrighted or trademarked content a valid proof of permission should be provided. In case of any liability that arises due to the above-mentioned violations, the consequences will have to be borne by the participant.

I’M IN! - The Registration Process

  1. Registration will be accepted online only at

  2. Registration/entry is free for all.

  3. Only one entry per participant.

  4. Participants should register themselves before 25th September 2021 and subsequently submit the film before 30th September 2021.

  5. Participants should fill a registration form at,  with basic details, email ID, two contact numbers and one WhatsApp number for communication.

  6. Participants will then be allotted a unique registration number which will be communicated through WhatsApp/email.

  7. After registration the participant will have to submit the film entry form (which will be available at mentioning the unique registration number, through google drive share link or wetransfer link (consisting short film and the film description video.)

  8. In special cases films may be accepted physically with valid reason (please contact in such cases)

  9. After submission, confirmation will be provided through WhatsApp/email.

The Fruit! -Prizes and Judging

  1. The winning films will be broadcast on Prudent Media (broadcast partner) on 10th Oct 2021,

  2. Prizes will be awarded to winners in two different judging criteria ie. Jury awards and viewer’s choice award

  • The Jury awards**:  Our judges will select top two films based on different aspects of film making and the depth of the topic, below will be the cash prizes under this criterion


Bingo! – Rs 5000/- (Best Film)

Tough Fight! – Rs 3000/- (2nd Best film)


**The decision of the judges will be final and irrevocable.

  •  The viewer’s Choice award***:  All films will be uploaded on YouTube on 2nd OCT 2021 (the link will be shared to the participants) and the most viewed and liked film (highest points scoring***) from the time uploaded till 9th Oct 2021 (midnight) will be awarded a cash prize under this criterion.


The Outreached! – Rs 4000/- (successful in making maximum awareness)


***1 view = 1 point and 1 like = 2 points, (no points for comments), The Jury award winner is also eligible to win in this criterion.

The organizers (Rotaract Bicholim and will have the right to broadcast the submitted films on any media for the duration and the period that may be decided by the organizers alone, The organizers reserve the right at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of above rules and regulations, at any time.

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