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Stress management for teachers in this pandemic.

As we all know, #Covid-19 has become global health crisis. It doesn’t matter which demographic, race, religion, class or caste you belong to, everyone is vulnerable to the disease, and this is the unfortunate truth. This outbreak has affected individuals across the world, and the numbers growing each day. Since we haven’t been exposed to a #pandemic at this scale, in the last decade or so, it is a new experience for everyone.

I believe #schools and #colleges which has always been places for real life physical interaction have been among the hardest hit. #Teachers across the country are scrambling to find ways to continue teaching their students in a situation where physical contact is no longer possible.

This pandemic has hit hard our education system, so do the #Teachers.

Now, this changing scenario will have adverse effect on your mental health such as; #Feeling low, #irritability, feeling #exhausted, #Inferiority complex, #Anxiety about present /future, #Depression, #Conflicts in family, #Restless, #inability to sleep, #Impairment in daily functions, Fear of #dying and loosing close ones.

And if this complexity continues in long run than there is high risk of developing serious mental or physical conditions such high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety and the list will go on because our mental and physical health is fundamentally linked.

Now with my expertise and few research I have designed simple T A B L E rule for you. The sole idea behind this is that teachers cannot do without table.  So, when you see TABLE you will think about this table rule.

1. To look after yourself: which is the utmost important. If we want to help and support other, we must become avid caretakers of ourselves. You need be taking care of your

  • Physical body, that is sleep well and regular exercise

  • Mental care: mindfulness and learning

  • Social care: stay connected with others virtually by calls or video calls.

2. Avoid mental exhaustion: It will help you to enjoy life and cope with problems.

  • Reclaim your routine: We should try to get back control of your routine, because remember we will never get this break again.

  • Add screen-free breaks during the day: Giving yourselves breaks from screens—both work-related and news-related—can be refreshing.

  • Reduce the workload: For yourself and for your students so that you plan to do less and focus on quality rather than quantity.

3. Balance your life (personal & professional): It offers a feeling of well-being and inner strength. This could be:

Carving out time to listen to music, exercise, chat with friends, complete a puzzle, or work on an art piece.

Growing your professional practice and hobbies is valuable to revive yourself.

4. Learn to let go of future: so that, you can embrace the present moment as the greatest gift.

  • Get excited about future but know that it is unguaranteed.

  • Being in the moment is the ultimate reality and human strength

5. Expand your awareness: so that, you can think beyond your range of vision.

  • Ability to see objects or motion outside your direct vision.

  • Expansion of your awareness – awareness of everything that you are not looking at.

So, these 5 letters of TABLE are acronym to deal with these uncertainties or the complexities of this pandemic or if you get stuck in your life.

“Teachers are the backbone of any country, the pillar upon which all aspirations are converted into realities.”  
A.P.J Kalam

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